Safety reports to the European Railway Agency

The annual report of the Railway Safety Authority provides an overview of the Estonian railway sector and safety developments from the point of view of the supervisory authority in the year preceding the submission of the report pursuant to Article 19 of the Railway Safety Directive.

The report is addressed to the European Railway Agency, which will draw conclusions on the basis of this report on the safety of the European Union's rail sector, as well as to railway undertakings and the partners of the Consumer Protection and Technical Regulatory Authority in the rail sector.

The report takes into account the indicative reporting format established by the European Railway Agency and the qualitative analysis of safety authorities' reports.

The report will be published in the ERADIS database of the European Railway Agency and on the website of the Authority for Consumer Protection and Technical Regulation.

The report presents the activities of the Estonian railway sector in the following areas:

  • the safety strategy of the safety authority;
  • programs, activities, and organization;
  • safety performance;
  • changes in legislation;
  • safety certification;
  • safety authorizations;
  • authorizations and other certificates issued by the safety authority;
  • contacts with other safety authorities;
  • sharing of information between the safety authority and railway undertakings and with other safety authorities;
  • supervision;
  • implementation of standard safety methods by railway undertakings;
  • safety culture.

Last updated: 10.04.2021