A toy is a product designed to be played with (exclusively or inter alia) by children under 14.

Regulations on toy safety:

The standards can be consulted and ordered from the Estonian Standards and Accreditation Centre

Labeling of toys

A toy must bear conformity marking (CE marking) before it can be placed on the market. The CE marking is affixed to the manufacturer's product after the conformity assessment has been carried out and the appropriate documentation has been drawn up. The CE marking shall be affixed visibly, legibly, and indelibly to the toy, to a label attached to the toy or its packaging. The CE marking may also be affixed to a label or leaflet accompanying a small toy or a toy consisting of small parts.

Taking into account the potential risks of the toy and the age group for which the toy is intended, the toy shall be accompanied by a warning stating at least:

  • the minimum or maximum age of the user;
  • where appropriate:

- the capacity of the user;

- the minimum or maximum weight of the user;

- the need for the toy to be used only under adult supervision.

In the case of labeling in a foreign language, the label must be accompanied by the required information in Estonian throughout the original text.

Manufacturers shall ensure that their toys bear a type, batch, serial, or model number or any other indication that would enable them to be identified or, where the size or other characteristics of the toy do not allow it, that the required information is provided on the packaging or in a document accompanying the toy.

Manufacturers shall indicate their name, registered trademark, and the address at which they can be contacted on the toy or, where that is not possible, on its packaging or in a document accompanying the toy. The address shall indicate a single place where the manufacturer can be contacted.

Importers must indicate their name and address on the toy or, where this is not possible, on its packaging. Importers must also ensure that the address of the manufacturer is indicated on the toy or its packaging. If there is no importer (i.e., the product is manufactured in the EU), it is sufficient to provide the manufacturer's address only.

Warnings on toys must not be misleading or false.

A toy shall not bear a warning that is incompatible with its intended use, which is determined by the nature of its functions, dimensions, and characteristics (e.g., a rattle, etc., which is suitable for a child under three years of age shall not bear a warning "not suitable for children under three years of age").

The warning shall be preceded by the word 'Warning' or 'Warnings' as appropriate (do not replace the word 'warning' with 'Attention', 'Caution', etc.).

The warning "Warning. Not suitable for children under three years of age" may be replaced by a symbol, but the symbol must be preceded by the words "Warning", "Warnings" and the reason for the warning.

For example: "Warning! Small parts".

Warnings that are decisive for the purchase decision, such as the maximum and minimum age of users, should be clearly and visibly displayed to the consumer before the purchase is made, even if the purchase is made through e-commerce, i.e., in an e-commerce shop, these warnings must be displayed on the goods.

Last updated: 06.04.2021