Equipment for lifting people

A lift is a lifting device for moving people or goods between different levels. The lift must comply with safety requirements and be assessed and certified by a competent authority.

An amusement park ride is an entertaining attraction for carrying or moving a person.

A ropeway is a lifting device designed to move people along a path of travel utilizing ropes. In Estonia, ropeways are mainly ski lifts. For cableway installations, a safety analysis is essential to assess the potential risks and hazards involved in their use, as well as the installation design.

A moving walkway and escalator is a conveyor-type lifting and towing device designed to move people. Escalators are characterized by 'moving steps', and in the case of moving walkways by a moving belt as a towing device. Escalators and moving walks are commonly used in shopping centers and airports, ports.

Last updated: 07.04.2021