Construction and operation of railway infrastructure

The provisions of the Construction Code apply to the application for building and use permits for railway facilities as well as to the submission of building and use notices.
  • In the cases listed in Annex 1 of the Building Code, a building permit or building permit is required.
  • In the cases mentioned in Annex 2 of the Building Code, an occupancy permit or proof of occupancy is required.

The Consumer Protection and Technical Regulatory Authority issues and registers building and operating permits for railway installations. Applications and notifications must be submitted via the building register at

The building permits on which the construction project of the railway plant is based will be issued from 31.10.2020 by the Consumer Protection and Technical Regulatory Authority. Detailed plans for the railway facilities must be approved by the Consumer Protection and Technical Regulatory Authority before a building permit can be applied for.

The Authority shall submit the draft building and use permit to the authority whose jurisdiction under the law concerns the subject of the application for a building permit and the opinion of the authority or person whose rights or interests may be affected by the construction or construction. The Consumer Protection and Technical Regulatory Authority shall grant a maximum of ten days for the coordination or submission of an opinion.

The building and use permit must be submitted at least ten days prior to the construction or use of the building. Unless the Consumer Protection and Technical Regulatory Authority notifies the notifier within ten days of the notification of the need for further verification of the information provided, construction or use may commence.

The person applying for a construction permit is obliged to:

  • submit a notification of commencement of construction to the Authority at least three days before the start of construction;
  • apply for a permit to use the building / submit proof of occupancy or submit a notification of the complete demolition of the building after completion of the construction work.

For the examination of an application for a building and use permit for a railway installation, a fee of EUR 30 per installation is payable.

The fee must be paid to the account of the Ministry of Finance:

  • SEB Pank  EE891010220034796011  (SWIFT: EEUHEE2X)
  • Swedbank  EE932200221023778606  (SWIFT: HABAEE2X)
  • Luminor Bank  EE701700017001577198  (SWIFT: NDEAEE2X)

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Last updated: 10.04.2021