Recognition of foreign professional qualifications

A competent authority in Estonia must recognize a foreign person's professional qualification wishing to work in Estonia in engineering per § 10(5) of the Equipment Safety Act and § 22(4) Explosives Act. The competent authority in the fields mentioned above is the Consumer Protection and Technical Surveillance Authority. Recognition of foreign professional qualifications is subject to the Recognition of Foreign Professional Qualifications Act (VKTS).

If you have a foreign professional qualification, you can:

  • When working for a more extended period or permanently in Estonia, the person must have his/her foreign professional qualification recognized by the Consumer Protection and Technical Regulatory Authority. The person's professional qualification, education, or competence acquired abroad is compared with the corresponding Estonian professional qualification or competence to obtain such recognition. The requirements set out in § 17 and 18 of the VKTS apply. To be recognized, the person must submit a (digitally) signed application, copies of the documents attesting to the foreign professional qualification or competence, education, and professional experience, and identity document to the Authority for examination. To verify the information submitted, the Consumer Protection and Technical Regulatory Authority will also request the relevant foreign country. Recognition is subject to a state fee
  • If you are working in Estonia only temporarily (e.g., in the framework of a project), the requirements set out in § 19, and 20 of the VKTS apply. In such cases, a notification must be submitted to the Consumer Protection and Technical Regulatory Authority that the person is temporarily carrying out work in Estonia. The notice must indicate what kind of work the person is doing in Estonia, where and for how long. The notice must be accompanied by copies of the person's foreign professional qualification or competence and identity document. If necessary, Authority may additionally ask for descriptions of the person's education and work experience and may also send a request to the relevant foreign country. The Authority will examine the documents and, if the applicant so wishes, issue a notification that the person has submitted a notice of temporary activity in Estonia to the Authority. This procedure is free of charge.

Please submit the documents required for the recognition or notification to

Last updated: 07.04.2021