Competent person

A competent person independently carries out, supervises, or directs the work related to his or her area of competence. On their behalf, also, on behalf of the undertaking, when acting on behalf of the undertaking, provide technical opinions and, where necessary, organize the allocation of resources and the work of others.

A person is competent if they are qualified for the specific job. A person must not give misleading information about their qualifications or carry out work for which they are not qualified. A competent person may not work for more than three undertakings at the same time.

The competent person must be qualified in:

  • the construction of a building subject to a building permit;
  • the drawing up of the construction project of a building subject to a construction permit;
  • carrying out owner supervision;
  • energy certification;
  • carrying out an energy audit;
  • building surveys;
  • expert opinion on the construction project;
  • building audit;
  • construction and installation of solid fuel heating system and chimney and flue;
  • chimney sweeping;
  • road safety audit;
  • maintenance of public roads;
  • traffic management projects.

You can find out more about the breakdown of activities and the qualifications required for these activities:

If a person has acquired a qualification abroad and wishes to work in Estonia, they must apply for recognition of their professional qualification acquired abroad before taking up work as a competent person.

To obtain recognition of a professional qualification in the field of construction, the application must be forwarded to the Consumer Protection and Technical Regulatory Authority together with the supporting documents. Recognition is granted on the basis of the Act on the Recognition of Foreign Professional Qualifications.

In the field of road construction and road safety auditing, the road administration, and in the field of construction and installation of solid-fuel heating appliances, chimneys and flues and chimney sweeping, the Rescue Board.

Last updated: 08.04.2021