Train driving licenses and certificates

In the European Union, the Community certification model for the certification of train drivers came into force on 01.07.2013.

According to the Community certification model, all train drivers must have the capacity and qualifications to drive trains and hold a license and one or more certificates.

Consequently, as of 01.07.2013, a person may work as a locomotive driver in Estonia if he/she holds a valid locomotive driver's license issued by Estonia or another Member State of the European Union and a certificate issued by a railway undertaking operating in Estonia giving the right to drive a locomotive in a specified type of locomotive and a specified area.

According to the Railways Act, a train driver's license issued to a train driver before 01.07.2013 remains valid until the date indicated on the license. The issue of a new license extends its validity according to the Railways Act.  The right to drive the type of locomotive indicated on the driver's license before 01.07.2013 shall be transferred directly to the certificate when the new license is obtained.

Train driving license

The license issued to a person certifies that they are fit to work as a train driver, meets the minimum requirements regarding medical requirements, basic education, and general professional skills.

Application for a first license and the driving test

Prerequisites and conditions for the issue of train driving licenses

The conditions are:

  • that the person has completed the training required for driving railway vehicles based on secondary education;
  • that the person has successfully passed the examination for driving a locomotive at the Road Registry Office of the Road Administration Authority.

Conditions for fulfilling the requirements for the issue of a license:

  • the person must be at least 20 years old;
  • possession of a medical certificate.

A person applying for the right to drive a type of locomotive for the first time must have completed a certain period of professional experience as an assistant locomotive driver before applying for the license for the type of locomotive for which they are applying:

  • for at least 15 months;
  • for at least six months if the person has a secondary vocational qualification in the field of mechanics of railway rolling stock (electrical), or
  • for at least three months in the case of a person with a higher education qualification in mechanics of railway rolling stock (electrical).

Suppose a train driver applies for an additional license to drive another category of the locomotive. In that case, he must have at least two months experience as an assistant driver of that category of locomotive and at least six months previous experience as a driver before applying for a license to drive another locomotive type.

Train driver examination

The test will be held at the Road Administration's Traffic Registry Office. The test consists of a theory test. To pass the driving test, the applicant must submit to the Road Administration's Road Traffic Registration Office:

  • An identity document;
  • An application for a train driving license;
  • A list of documents to be attached to the application for a train driving license;
  • Application form for a license to drive a driving license; Application form for a driving license; Application form for a driving license
  • The application form for a license for a driving license; - A list of the applicant's driving license application form; - A certificate of medical examination;
  • An electronic photograph taken at the Road Administration's Road Registry Office;
  • Proof of payment of the state fee.

Upon successful completion of the driving test, the Consumer Protection and Technical Regulatory Authority issues the applicant with a locomotive driver's license, which can be obtained from the Road Administration's Traffic Register Office.


Before the expiry of the license, the license must be renewed.

Last updated: 07.04.2021