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Mission, vision, values

The mission of the Technical Regulatory Authority

Our mission is to promote the development of the state’s economic policy in its areas of activity by increasing the availability, diversity, safety and sustainable use of resources, and the reliability and development of services and products.

The vision of the Technical Regulatory Authority

Our vision is to have a solid reputation, be an efficiently operating, competent, and reliable regulatory and supervisory authority in Europe.

In implementing our mission and vision we consider it important to collaborate with the following five parties:

  • employees of the authority
  • entrepreneurs
  • members of the public
  • other state authorities
  • colleagues from other countries

The activities of the Technical Regulatory Authority have three main goals:


  • working towards greater safety
  • improving the reliability of services and products
  • organising the use of limited resources

In working towards greater safety, our goals are ensuring the safety of objects and processes subject to our supervision and increasing the corresponding level of awareness.

As to increasing reliability, we aim to ensure the availability of services provided in our area of activity and the conformity thereof to requirements, along with the compatibility of products as well as the sustainable use of resources, while increasing reliability and awareness.

In the organisation of the use of limited resources, we aim to ensure the optimum use and sustainability of the limited resources that we regulate.

In order to achieve these objectives, we supervise the implementation of requirements established by the legislation relevant to the areas of activity, participate in developing legislation and development plans, and in the preparation and implementation of projects related to our areas of activity.


The main values of the Technical Regulatory Authority are:

  • Being a competent and reliable partner whose activities are transparent, solutions professional and impartial, with affairs managed in a proper manner. Prevention plays an important role in our work. The authority granted to us by legislation is exercised in a deliberate and proportionate manner.
  • Being an integral state agency with clearly understandable working principles and a good reputation, offering interesting employment that presents opportunities for development, a good working environment and competitive salaries, and appreciates the competence and work of the officials.
  • Being a constructive and open state agency that works as a team to achieve the established goals.
  • Being a well-balanced and innovative agency in the international arena and an organisation that represents the interests of the state; always willing to share and learn.