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Submission of complaints

If a product you bought is defective or you are not satisfied with a purchased service, you as a consumer have the right to submit a complaint to the relevant trader or service provider. If there is no response to your oral complaint, submit the complaint in writing.

You may submit a free form complaint to the undertaking but make sure to include your name and contact details, the date of the complaint, the date of purchase of goods or receipt of service, the defect present in the goods or service and the desired solution. Append a proof of purchase (cheque) to your complaint in order to prove that you made the purchase in this particular shop on that particular date.

The trader or service provider is under obligation to accept your complaint and issue a written response within 15 days.

If the trader or service provider refuses to resolve your complaint or you do not agree with the proposed solution, you can file a complaint with the Consumer Disputes Committee.

If the case is still not resolved, you can file a complaint about the trader or service provider with the Consumer Disputes Committee or a county court.

If you disagree with the Committee’s decision, you may turn to a county court. The other party may do the same.


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