Several brokering environments in Estonia trade in vouchers; these environments are called voucher portals or daily offers portals. Purchasing from these portals differs greatly from buying from regular web stores and should therefore be approached with even more care and attention.

Prior to purchasing a voucher

  • check the vendor’s background as voucher portals are merely brokering environments and other companies are responsible for providing the products or services that are on offer at voucher portals;
  • keep in mind that you can find a company’s registry code and contact information on the business register, browse Official Statements and use the company’s code to find information about court judgements etc. related to the company; you can also use Credit information and the Estonian Tax and Customs Board’s tax debtors search feature to check whether the company has any tax debts;
  • check the background of the voucher portal by calling the store or service provider whose vouchers the portal has on offer and ask whether they are aware of the campaign that has been organised on the voucher portal;
  • note that you can find additional information about the voucher portal online and at the business register, and that it is important to check how long the portal has been operating and whether there have been previous problems concerning the portal;
  • regardless of the low prices at the voucher portal, conduct independent market research concerning the desired product or service (how much it would cost when purchasing straight from the entrepreneur or from some other voucher portal);
  • read the terms and conditions of the voucher portal carefully and keep in mind that they should include information concerning withdrawal from contract and who should reimburse the money you have paid in that case;
  • read the terms and conditions of the specific offer (e.g. the vouchers of restaurants and beauty services often have limited period of use or require that the voucher owner register by a fixed time of the day; often, coupons of restaurants and stores do not apply for the entire menu or product selection).




  • Should you develop some suspicions when checking the voucher portal’s background, it is best not to take chances and not purchase the voucher in question.
  • Although you can generally return goods (incl. vouchers) bought online and ask for a refund within 14 days after receiving your order, there are some exceptions when it comes to withdrawal rights concerning vouchers: e.g. the company does not have to refund vouchers of event tickets and restaurants.

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