The ODR platform

The ODR platform is a new digital environment which can be used to resolve complaints related to e-traders.

The ODR platform (Online Dispute Resolution) can be found at

Above all, the Online Dispute Resolution or ODR platform is meant to resolve cross-border disputes but it can be used to resolve domestic disputes, if desired. The platform enables the consumer to digitally submit a complaint to a trader with a purpose to agree upon an extra-judicial dispute resolution body after which the website will automatically and without a delay forward the complaint to the selected extra-judiciary dispute resolution body. In Estonia, the Consumer Disputes Committee acts as this body.

Since the ODR platform is a technical solution where the consumer of trader may need user support from time to time, there is an option to ask for assistance. In Estonia, the European Consumer Centre of Estonia offers assistance and guidance on resolving cross-border disputes using the ODR website, if needed.



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