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Communication services

Communications services include services of calls, text messages and internet, as well as cable and satellite television, which are offered by a communications undertaking.

Considering that different requirements and principles apply to using and providing different services in this field, you should be aware of the general rules of communications services.

The communications undertaking is allowed to change contract conditions unilaterally under certain conditions, but they are required to notify you of said changes at least a month in advance in written form. The company can publish a corresponding notification on their homepage, or if they do not have one, in a national daily newspaper. The notification should include the explanation that you have the right to withdraw from contract if you do not agree to the altered conditions. In that case, the service provider does not have a right to demand a contractual penalty from you.

A communications undertaking can set limits to providing a communications service only when:

  • you are more than 14 days late with paying for services that have been provided for you or exceed your credit limit;

  • you have connected terminal equipment to the communications network that is not operational or does not comply with requirements;

  • you disrupt the work of the network or other users of the communications service with the use of your terminal equipment;

  • restricting the communications service is necessary for the instalment, repair, change or maintenance of communications network equipment or a line facility;

  • you have significantly breached contractual rights or

  • the restriction is arising from law.


Remember that the conditions of service restriction and contract termination have usually been established by the service provider.


    However, the company is required to notify you of their restriction plans in an appropriate way, and point out the time and reasons for the restriction.

    The communications undertaking is not allowed to restrict the provision of a communications service if you have contested the sum of the communications service fee before its payment deadline and paid for the part of the communications service provided which you are not contesting on time.

    The communications undertaking is required to restore the provision of service to its initial capacity within two business days after the elimination of circumstances that caused the restriction.

    You have the right to request restriction of a communications service to the extent that you desire. Restriction here means, for example, limiting the internet services provided on your phone. The communications undertaking is required to implement the desired restriction within a day after receiving your application. If the service in question is charged, the company is required to notify you of that before implementing the restriction, thereby leaving you a chance to withdraw from the service within a day.

    You have the right to terminate this contract of communications services at any time. In order to do so, you should send an application that complies with requirements to the company in question. Termination of the contract shall take effect on the next business day after receiving the application, unless you have marked a later date in your notification. However, you should take into account that the early termination of contracts may include a contractual penalty.

    The communications undertaking has the right to terminate a contract without prior notice, if the company has already restricted your use of services and you have not eliminated the cause of said restriction within a month.