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Catalogue sales

Catalogue sales

Buying goods from a catalogue is an alternative to buying goods form a regular shop. If you want to buy clothes, household appliances or other goods form a catalogue, make sure to pay attention to the following aspects.

Think rationally. When you choose clothes from a catalogue, do not focus too much on how they look on models in the pictures. Think carefully whether the specific item will suit you. Remember that products may not look exactly the same as they do in the pictures.

Follow the sizes. Different manufacturers may have different sizing systems for clothing and footwear. That is why you should always follow the size table of the catalogue instead of choosing the size you usually buy.

Read terms, conditions and instructions. Make sure to read all terms, conditions and instructions related to ordering goods from a catalogue. If anything is unclear, contact the trader by phone or e-mail.

Take time to deliberate. Before placing an order, consider your financial possibilities and whether you really need the selected product. Make sure to take some time to deliberate to avoid buying on emotion. Also, compare the prices and sales conditions of other sellers.

Understand the final price of goods. Usually, postal costs are added to the price of goods. Also, make sure whether the size or other characteristics of a product alter the final price or postal costs.

Check the delivery. Check the delivered goods as soon as possible and make sure you received the goods that comply with all parameters stated in the catalogue.


  • Have scepticism towards so-called magic products (e.g. wonder creams). Especially so if the effects of their use are clearly exaggerated.

  • Give your preference to sellers who offer payment on delivery because this way you will pay for goods to a courier or make the payment in a post office on the receipt of the goods.

  • If a trader offers to buy the goods from catalogue in instalments, be aware that instalment payments are a financial obligation.

  • When buying from catalogue you have the right to withdraw from the product without giving explanations within 14 days as of the receipt of the product.