Dispute resolution

If the goods sold or the service provided do not comply with the contract terms, you are liable as a trader.

Consumers have the right to contact you regarding the non-compliance of the product or service with the terms of the contract within two years as of the purchase.

During the first six months of this period, you must prove that the goods or services sold to the consumer were not defective in the event of a dispute.

If the goods or services do not comply with the contract's terms, you must repair, replace, or compensate them.

If possible, try to solve the consumer's problem by yourself. If you can reach no oral agreement, the consumer has the right to submit a written complaint to you. You are obliged to respond within 15 days at the latest, informing the consumer of the complaint's possible resolution.

If no agreement is reached, the consumer can turn to the Consumer Protection and Technical Regulatory Authority for advice to protect their rights.

Disputes between consumers and traders are resolved by an independent consumer dispute committee or the court.

Last updated: 08.04.2021