Consumer protection requirements

When trading with individuals, you must take into account the legal rights of consumers. The Consumer Protection and Technical Regulatory Authority supervises the enforcement of consumer rights.

Essential consumer protection requirements

The goods and services that you offer to the consumer must be safe and meet the established requirements. You must inform the consumer of the possible risks involved in the particular goods and provide relevant information in case of defective or used goods. Consumer information must be presented in a clear and comprehensible manner.

When receiving payment for a good or service, the trader must provide the consumer with a document certifying the purchase of a good or service, which contains at least:

  • the name or business and address of the trader;
  • date of the transaction;
  • the price of each good or service and the total amount paid.

If you offer and sell a good or service through communication (via e-shop, telephone, fax, TV shop, post office, etc.) or by doorstep selling (at the consumer's place of residence or work or elsewhere), you must inform the consumer that they have a 14-day right of withdrawal. Trading must be conducted under good commercial practices, and the use of unfair trading practices, particularly those that mislead or are aggressive towards the consumer, is prohibited.

A misleading commercial practice is the way how the information is provided is misleading to the consumer if you provide incorrect information to the consumer or if you do not provide the essential information needed to make a purchase decision.

Aggressive trading includes making consistent and unsolicited offers by phone or e-mail, as well as direct-to-buy ads aimed at children.

You are obliged to provide the composition, storage conditions, and instructions for the use of the goods for sale in the Estonian language. Technically complex goods must be accompanied by instructions in Estonian.


When offering and selling goods, you must inform the consumer of the goods' selling price and unit price. Selling price is the final price paid for a unit or quantity of goods, including all taxes. If the quantity of goods is measured in kilograms, liters, or meters, the trader must include one unit's price (kilograms, liters, or meters).

When offering the service, the trader informs the consumer about the final price paid for the service. The price, including all taxes, must be communicated to the consumer before the service is provided. 

Last updated: 05.04.2021